The Joy of Color will feature eight artists whose work range in various mediums, from acrylic and neon and black light paints to styrofoam, dioramas, and hand cut wood. From vibrant abstracts to whimsical pastels to moody blues, these artists come together to show how art can bring you joy through color. Come enjoy the riotous display, brought to you by Andrew Ruano, Amy Hua, Alex Diffin, Eric Artigues, Chad Wade, Diego Rafael, Mike Sedano, and Natasha Rindt. These artists can’t wait for you to share in their vision.
Just as emotions and colors can ranges widely, our artists such as Natasha and Andrew use vibrant, bright and happy colors to bring a smile to your face as you enjoy the art, on the other hand, Eric and Amy use muted, pastels and somber tones of color to make you think deeply and emotionally. From the impactful storytelling of Chad's diorama sculptures to Diego’s illustrative art style, you will be surrounded by the uniqueness of each artist and how they are all using color to tell their own story. Stories of whimsy like becoming friends with a raccoon in the case of Mike’s work, or the boldness of color you will see in Alex’s hand cut art pieces.
Los Ruano Gallery is a SoCal Gallery and Studio Space dedicated to showcasing artwork from upcoming artists, as well as providing space for art shows, events, photos, film productions, and workshop classes. Run by two brothers, Andrew and David, who grew up surrounded and encouraged to be creative in a middle-class hispanic home, they learned the value of being supportive of their fellow artists and in return the gallery is grateful to its Artist friends and Collectors for supporting and allowing Los Ruano Gallery to both host and share their work and their passion for arts.
Special thanks to Loiter Galleries for hosting this show and supporting local artist through their non-profit collaborative.​​​​​​​
The Joy of Color will close on June 22nd 2024
Swing by and see the art!
Andrew Ruano
Alex Diffin
Diego Rafael
Natasha Rindt
Amy Hua
Eric Artigues
Mike Sedano
Chad Wade
425 The Promenade North, Long Beach
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Thu-Sat 5pm to 8pm
Sun 1pm to 4pm
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