Los Ruano Gallery is a Southern California Gallery and Studio Space dedicated to showcase work from upcoming artists as well as provide space for events, photo & film productions and workshop classes.
Our founders are Andrew & David Ruano, brothers whose careers span over 25years in the arts.
Andrew started his career in High School, taking several paint and drawing classes and even was able to sell his artwork after the teacher graded the work. After high school he participated in several art-walks and gallery shows in the Long Beach area where he honed his craft and became recognized for his style and was encouraged by several artist friends and curators to continue his Robot Painting that he is now known for. Also known as ARYStudio, Andrew's Robots  have brought color and joy to collectors locally, nation wide and around the world, including Sweden, Mexico, South Korea, Chile, Sir Lanka.
David always had a passion for photography, taking his first picture at the age of 2, but truly his career started in 2010 as a wedding photographer. With every new shoot David always pushed his comfort to the next level, going from a wedding and portrait photographer to lifestyle and skate photographer and then jumping into film and video. Wanting to know as much as possible, he has made a name for himself as "the guy". The Guy that can do photography, graphic design, filming, video editing, animation, storyboarding, directing, producing and so much more. But still having a single goal with all the work he does: to showcase stories that can transcend language, culture and race, using composition, creativity and color. He has been able to work with various companies, such as, Smog City Brewing Co, DOTLA, Wheelbase Magazine, Tiller, Firework, Fourwinds Films, Studio4 Acting Class and others. 

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